Japanese painter, illustrator, and character design artist Yoshitaka Amano, his style of painting is unique. When he was 15 years old, he joined the Japanese animation production company “Dragon Son” and began to set up animated characters. Participated in the production of one of Japan’s earliest science fiction films “Science Peter Pan”. It was not until the age of 29 that he took over the illustration job for the first time, and since then Amano began his artistic career in the illustration industry. As Japanese game products gained more and more attention in the 1980s, Yoshitaka Amano has been responsible for character setting for the “Final Fantasy” series since 1987, drew many posters, scene illustrations, peripheral products, etc., also through the “Final Fantasy “Make more people in China recognize this artist. But Yoshitaka Amano is not only doing art design for the game, but his personal works have gradually surfaced and launched one after another. By the early 1990s, Yoshitaka Amano successively launched four personal series of “Magic Sky”, “Magical Dream Palace”, “IMAGINE”, and “Flying Sky”, all of which have received excellent market feedback and reputation. Until now, Yoshitaka Amano is the top art master in the Japanese animation art world. He has special achievements in the fields of illustration, animation, games, stage, clothing, internationally renowned brands, and contemporary art

In fact, [PANSA] is something similar to a time machine in the story conceived by Amano Yoshitaka. The protagonist rides PANSA to and from different dimensions and the future world. Although it is a means of transportation, it has its own consciousness. Originally painted for the New York Art Exhibition in 1999, this was also an opportunity to create PANSA

Yoshitaka Amano has been adding black panther elements to various works since long ago. Although he doesn’t know the reason, this image has always existed in his heart. Especially when there is no theme, I often draw this image when I practice casually. It lasts for decades. What is this? Although he himself can’t explain it well… [PANSA] is a machine from the future. In the future science fiction world, the machine and the creature may be one. Even if the background is set to the present, as long as there is a brain, the shape can be a machine or a more advanced computer in the future. [PANSA], born in an era when there is no difference between machines and creatures, will go back to the past. For example, returning to the present from the future 10,000 years later. Although [PANSA] is full of science fiction and incredible for us now, maybe in the future, [PANSA] will be an ordinary existence of course. So Yoshitaka Amano created [PANSA] and produced [PANSA]. The integration of machinery and wisdom can be understood as a computer or AI in a sense. [PANSA] Maybe a brand new creature in the future, created based on a fantasy

After a year of polishing, Dimensional Motor Play and Sculptor have launched the [PANSA] Collector’s Edition limited figure worldwide, 500 pieces are sold worldwide, each [PANSA] is equipped with an independent number certificate. The prototype is made according to the ratio of 1:10, which highly restores the original [PANSA] smart, wise sense of future technology, and the unique painted surface of the whole body is mysterious and noble. For the first time, Yoshitaka Amano presented his paintings to the world in the form of hands. This is also a fetish worthy of collection for fans of Yoshitaka Amano

The finished product will be launched in WonderFestival 2020 Shanghai [Shanghai] from October 3rd to 4th. Friends who like it must come to the exhibition site to feel the charm of [PANSA], or you can directly belong to yourself Take your time machine home and collect it

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