Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, offline exhibitions have been closed for more than half a year. Jimmy only participated in the first offline comic exhibition this year in July. National Day is about to be 11th, and there are many activities in various places. Jimmy In Shanghai, I will participate in the Firefly and WF Shanghai events. It’s been a long time since the Hexie Society has developed the welfare of everyone. This time the firefly is also quite powerful. During the National Day, three events were held in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. So we also started to send welfare tickets, one for each exhibition. Please ask for votes in the comment area

The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are united in one, and we are happy! Firefly animation culture will also add another excitement to this good day. During the eight-day National Day holiday, a large-scale, star-studded, and explosive two-dimensional carnival was held in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu! Dear friends! Come and have fun with us in the Three Cities in October, let’s have fun together!

“The 9th Animation Beijing and Firefly×IDO·Mandu Amusement Park” will be held in Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park from October 1st to October 8th!

“Cool Dog Mushroom×Firefly Animation Music Carnival Shanghai Station 04TH” will be held from October 1st to October 3rd in Hall 3 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center!

From October 2nd to 4th, “IGS×Firefly Cartoon Game Carnival Chengdu Station 1st” will be held in Hall 1-5 of Chengdu Western International Expo City!

Wonderful performances in three places, join forces to create a super-burning event! The stage has been set up, and the music is ready, just wait for you and Firefly to board the stage together to enjoy the dreamy, enthusiastic and innovative two-dimensional world!

Since its establishment in 2010, Firefly Animation Culture has insisted on creating a large-scale comprehensive animation exhibition for fans of the second dimension, which integrates animation, games, cosplay, radio dramas, hand-run trendy games, and e-sports. In recent years, it has been committed to promoting the national style and national tide culture, and actively cooperated with major well-known national innovation IP to build a trendy, stable, and wide-spread online and offline promotion platform! The elite team honed for ten years has upgraded the “Firefly Animation Culture” to a well-known brand in the country!

The three-place comic exhibition is held at the same time, and the exciting highlights are naturally one after another, dizzying! Come and see it now!

The three cities are linked together, with different styles and exciting!

The three cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu have different styles. We have also created exhibitions with urban characteristics based on the characteristics of the three cities

“The 9th Animation Beijing and Firefly XIDO·Mandu Garden Festival” settled in Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park. This is the first time we have linked up with a large amusement park in 10 years, the first animation amusement park carnival format, a super large exhibition area of 350,000 square meters, the combination of two-dimensional activities and various popular amusement parks, bringing a new experience to the audience. In addition, the Beijing Comic Exhibition jointly organized by Firefly and IDO also uses novel and interesting garden activities, such as the Mid-Swing and Lantern Festival, to deepen the integration of outside audiences and the two-dimensional culture. We focus on national entertainment for the two-dimensional lovers in the north. Create a unique play experience

“Cool Dog Mushroom×Firefly Animation Music Carnival Shanghai Station 04TH” will be held from October 1st to October 3rd in Hall 3 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center! This exhibition held by Firefly and Kugou Mushroom closely revolves around the theme of “National Tide”, including “Bump World”, “Dali Temple Log”, “Five Elements in Wushan”, “Jiangjinjiu”, “Dinghai Floating Life Record”, etc. The super-popular Guochuang IP is gathered here, and the content is rich and colorful, covering all aspects of Guochuang culture. The “Guanfengyue·Bamboo Horse Chapter” singing will also bring charming and beautiful ancient songs, and hold a pan-entertainment feast with great viewing experience for the audience in Shanghai!

Firefly and IGS held the “IGS×Firefly Cartoon Game Carnival Chengdu Station 1st” from October 2nd to 4th in Hall 1-5 of Chengdu Western International Expo City. This is also our first landing in Chengdu! We have prepared a sincere event dedicated to the two-dimensional enthusiasts in the Midwest. The exhibition takes “national style” as the core, and has four theme pavilions: Guochao theme pavilion, animation and cultural creation carnival, game e-sports carnival, ITS dimension mainland, well-known domestic and foreign animation, e-sports, games, film and television, online literature, and children Digital culture companies such as culture concentrated on displaying their super popular IP and products. To create a grand exhibition of the two-dimensional cultural industry chain in an all-round way, giving the audience a new immersive experience

The super-popular voice actors who give the soul of the characters, the cartoonists, novelists, illustrators, musicians, and animation directors who devote themselves to creating popular works, and the well-known COSER who loves to show the charm of the second dimension. Every show, the firefly invites fans Come to the outstanding guests active in various fields of the two-dimensional, to give back to the fans’ expectations. The guest lineup for the three-place gala is even more star-studded. At the National Day Comic Show, they will be on stage to interact with fans up close. The well-designed stage activities and autographs will show the charm of the guest teachers in all directions! I look forward to meeting you on the spot!

For 10 years, we have been creating a stage for the fans of the second dimension to show themselves in all directions. Whether you like cosplay, dubbing, singing, house dancing or e-sports, you can get the opportunity to show the world here! With the participation of everyone, the two-dimensional culture has become more colorful, cheer for us!

The most noticeable are the two heavy seiyuu contests. We have teamed up with the well-known domestic seiyuu group·Yinxiong Lianmeng to create the “2020 Dubbing Mental Voice Actor Contest Offline Competition”! During the National Day, there will be sub-regional competitions in the three-place comic exhibition (Beijing & Shanghai & Chengdu). The Shanghai and Chengdu preliminaries of the annual event “Sound Motion Project2 Dubbing Contest” will also be held at the same time. The two major dubbing contests give fans who like dubbing and want to embark on a career path a good opportunity to show themselves. The lineup of judges is even more luxurious. In addition to giving professional advice to the players, it also ensures the fairness of the event!

The classic event “Fluorescence Award” will naturally not be absent. The competitions between Shanghai and Chengdu are currently being registered! “Jump, it’s right” Fluorescence Award House Dance Competition and “Sing, it’s Right” Fluorescence Award Singing Competition will bring a whirlwind of youth in the venue and ignite the stage!

E-sports events also have climaxes, Beijing’s WUCG Carnival and North District Finals, Shanghai’s UPW hot stage “Gundam EXVS.MBON Soul Casting Cup Offline Tournament”, and “Nintendo Star Chaos” across Shanghai and Chengdu. Fighting Smashing Journey National Tour”; Chengdu’s “Second Glory of the Kings National Tournament”, “National Power Tournament Hearthstone Finals” and other super-popular events opened one after another. Players from all over the country will be here. Show your skills and start a hearty battle!

In this three-place comic exhibition, the leading IP of the two-dimensional cultural industry at home and abroad will bring its highly popular IP and products. In addition to well-known companies such as Tianwen Jiaochuan, Reading Animation, NetEase Blizzard, Aiman, Huashang Kyushu, Youzu Networks, Doyi Networks, Volatile, etc., nearly 100 domestic and foreign studios, manufacturers, and distributors will cooperate We work together to make these three two-dimensional events more exciting!

In addition, the model soul festival loved by model play lovers, COSPLAY&photography&breaking three free travel three cities linkage, showing the charm of creative TW fan exhibition, idol zone, creative market and other super popular events Will also debut together to make this three-city carnival even more exciting!

October National Day Golden Week, Firefly will take you to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and enjoy the charm of the second dimension and the national trend! Let’s meet in three cities, let’s have fun together!

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