Originally this year, due to the poor operating conditions of the various clubs due to the epidemic, it would not be a peak season for transfers. Except for Chelsea’s money, everyone is tightening money. But this year, there is a big drama, that is, the separation or separation between Messi and Barcelona. I am not a Barcelona fan nor a Messi fan, so from a third-party point of view, I think Barcelona should let Messi go. A well-known domestic commentator said before that any team owns Messi, so on the pitch It is equal to less than half of the individual. In fact, I still partially agree with this statement, and Messi’s status will inevitably be worse than one year. It is better to make Messi a reconstruction fund. One of the main reasons for Manchester United’s decline is that after Sir Ferguson retired, Moyes did not deal with Rooney, who was in decline in time, and instead renewed his contract. In fact, this kind of is a bit like “being a cup of wine to release military power”. The past heroes will become a burden in the future. Only by stopping losses in time can a club maintain a high level of competition. This is actually a bit cruel to Messi, but in fact Messi can also get high salaries in other places, such as to the Super League, or to the United States. It depends on how Messi looks at it, or Serie A can continue to play in the Champions League. It is unrealistic to require a star player in this era, and it is 100 times more difficult than getting married and not cheating

“Moriarty of Worrying Country” is a Japanese manga written by Takeuchi Ryosuke and Miyoshi Kei. This story is adapted from the British novel “The Detective Sherlock Holmes”, but the setting and plot are different from the original work. The villain Moriarty is the protagonist of this game, and Holmes plays as his opponent

At the end of the 19th century, due to the outbreak of the Industrial Revolution, the world was in chaos and development, while Britain steadily expanded its power. However, contrary to technological progress and development, this country has had a deep-rooted complete class system since ancient times, and the entire country is ruled by nobles who are less than 3% of the total population. Aristocrats who enjoy privileges as a matter of course, as well as a class of working people who don’t know where their tomorrow will be, people will be restricted by the determined class from birth and live by it. William James Moriarty decided to crush such a corrupt class system to create an ideal country. Even Sherlock Holmes can play with the applause “Professor Moriarty”, about to start a revolution realized through crime and change the whole world.

Dreaming of Liya Dreams.

Sato Heart Article.

“Say Good Night in the Devil’s City” is a manga created by Kenji Xiong Zhigu, and an adapted TV animation will be broadcast in October this year. The story tells of an era when humans and demons coexist. One day, the demon king suddenly captured the human princess and threatened: “If you want the princess, you will hand over the dominance of the world to the demon clan.” The mankind was enraged, and the brave set on a journey to save the princess. The princess who was “imprisoned” in the Demon King City was supposed to wait for rescue in despair every day with tears washing her face. As a result… she panicked with her idleness, and in order to get a more stable sleep, the Demon King City made a mess

TV anime adapted from the comic “Crossbow Team HxEros” is currently being broadcast. Today, JUMP SQ magazine announced that the twelve volumes of the comic book will be bundled with the original animated BD, and the twelve volumes of the manga will be released on March 4, 2021. Earlier, the manga announced that it will be released on November 4 in a single book of 11 volumes bundled with animated BD

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