The plot of Naoki Hansawa is relatively thin. Under the instigation of Naoki Hansawa, the iron lady of the Development and Investment Bank finally confided that she was unwilling to grant rights to creditor rights, so she finally joined forces with Naoki Hansawa at the press conference. , As the main bank and the second bank, led the other four banks to reject the special group’s request to abandon the creditor’s rights, and directly confronted the arrogant Minister Shirai

In the last time, the traitor was found among the tough guys. The scope is nothing more than two Owada and Benji. Although Dawada dances very happily, the little-spoken executive Benji is the traitor. On the board of directors, Benji used his banking career as a guarantee to request the reduction or exemption of Imperial Airlines’ debts. However, under Naoki Hansawa’s request, an additional condition was added, that is, if the lead bank Development Investment Bank is unwilling to give up, then Tokyo Central The bank will not give up either. An opportunity here is that the privatization bill of the Development Investment Bank will be reviewed by the Cabinet

Minister Shirai continued to put pressure on the Tokyo Central Bank in the media.

So doing the development and investment bank has become the key to the reversal, but in the previous episodes, we have also seen that although she is known as the iron lady, Ms. Tanikawa has always been eager to say but indecisive on this matter. Because the Development and Investment Bank is a government-backed bank, all decisions are made by the people above. They only need to execute them. Although they know that the loans to Imperial Airways in the past were a kind of “cotting” and “connivance”, they cannot stop it. The same is true for debt relief. In the conversation with Banze, Tanikawa also talked about his father was also a bank clerk who was obedient to others, and he also taught her a saying “Loan is a good intention, not taking a loan is also a kind of good intention.” At the end of the conversation Ms. Tanikawa, who has always given a feeling of ice beauty, suddenly became emotional and began to shout loudly, venting her true inner thoughts and reluctant to do that but she couldn’t do that

The gaze from Owada on the board.

At the final joint press conference, in order to take care of Naoki Hansawa’s C position, the Central Bank of Tokyo was placed in C position, and the lead bank Investment Development Bank was placed aside instead. The representatives of the other four banks also looked ashamed and defeated, and the representatives of the Development and Investment Bank were still late. Originally for the special team and Minister Shirai, this was a ceremony to declare victory. After going through a cutscene, the other four companies did not directly indicate that they gave up their debts. They all agreed to the caliber and obey the main bank and the second main bank. When it came to Naoki Hansawa, he directly said that he refused the debt. Now I am waiting for the Development and Investment Bank to make a statement. After Ms. Furukawa made the statement, the Development and Investment Bank also said that it does not support debt relief. Why, the development and investment bank suddenly became hardened? Because in the cabinet meeting just now, the development and investment bank privatization bill approved by the cabinet has not yet formally become a law, but because the cabinet is a member of the ruling party, it is very likely that this bill will become official in the Parliament later. Legislation, so the Iron Lady has the courage to unite the internal forces of the bank to implement decisions that she believes are correct

The grudge of the wife of Chimi.

For the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Minister Shirai was embarrassed this time. It was originally a press conference where he declared victory, but now it has become a scene of embarrassment. She is also conscious that she will resign as minister and resign from the party after the meeting, and the secretary-general, Minobe, finally stated her true position for Shirai. As a woman, she is the party’s flower vase and a canvassing ambassador. She is a beautiful vase of Minobe’s marionette

At the end of the episode, another important piece of information was revealed, that is, she appeared in the beautiful boss Chimi this season, who was actually a bank employee and is now a subordinate of the current president. She played in the scene before. When Shu and his friends talk about the internal affairs of the bank, they will listen with serious expressions. I don’t know what kind of story her past and the president have. The secretary general of the Minobe finally invited the president to his office, saying that the bank and the government would be mutually beneficial partners!

After watching this episode, I feel very magical. Naoki Hansawa and the government can still achieve a phased victory. It may be that I have lived in the sky for too long, so I can’t believe this in my heart. In addition, in the next episode of the preview, the impact of the president of the president will be announced for everyone. Naoki Hansawa’s old enemy, Kurosaki of the Financial Agency, will return with Mamoru Miyano

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