I originally wanted to write it in a daily journal. It was a rare dream to sleep yesterday. The place was in the southern province of China. I suddenly saw a half-naked girl in a market, and the girl’s appearance is “Miracle One” by Hashimoto Kannai I wo n’t elaborate on the following dreams. I was very curious at the time. Why would I do Hashimoto ’s spring dream? Later, it was discovered that last week I saw a picture in the “Interracial Customs’ Evaluation Guide” which is the action of “a miracle” of Hashimoto Hinamoto of neta. I took a screenshot myself at the time. It may be that this behavior is buried subconsciously. An anchor was placed. Then today the Japanese media published an article about Hashimoto Kannai ’s popularity that was not the “miracle one” that year, and interviewed Hashimoto Kannai ’s agent and Zhi Mo Linai

The original version of Miracle One.

A miracle piece reproduced in “Gintama 2”.

Spoof in the Evaluation Guide for Interracial Customs.

——Talk about how Hashimoto Hannai entered the firm.

[Wachimo Morina] When “Miracle One” became a topic, he and the confidant of the president of the production company in Kyushu, the president personally called me. At that time, it was not the management of artists. It’s about consulting that affects the right to use. At that time, more than 50 companies had already contacted the associated office, so it was difficult to deal with. From there, the current office began to produce and manage Hashimoto Kannai

——Sure enough, the red is still a “miracle one”?

【和 智 茉莉 奈】 No, the photo did become a hot topic, but it was not a great opportunity. At that time, there were still many girls who were concerned on SNS, not only Hashimoto Kanna. After that, we also worked one by one. Most importantly, without Hashimoto ’s own efforts and hard work, I do n’t think there will be any achievements now. In addition, I also think that Hashimoto Kannai must have his own “natural talent”. Previously, director Zhi had also said, “No matter whether or not that picture is taken, this child will come out sooner or later.”

——Is there any hardship in business?

[Wachimo Rina] It ’s really hard to refuse some work invitations, Hashimoto Hannai is aiming for a “real innocence actress”, and I ’m absolutely sure that no matter how topical there is, Won’t do it. For example, when receiving programs broadcast nationwide, there are also requests for eating or eating disgusting things. We can only refuse, even programs with high ratings, cannot do programs that damage Hashimoto ’s own image. At that time, in fact, in the era of idols, everyone was exploring how to attract attention. Some people did program to depreciate their self-confessions in order to be in position, but as a company to consider the future of artists in the next 10 and 20 years, they did not do such a thing

-So in the “Gintama” movie that was released 3 years ago, it appeared in Kagura, and many spoofs and ugly shots became a topic. Is there a goal to get rid of the pure school?

【和 智 茉莉 奈】 No, it’s not. Haina Hashimoto also discussed the content of the performance very seriously. The director hoped that she would do her best to perform as an actress, so it had an unexpected impact, and she fully responded to this

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