Although Jimmy is not a fan of Messi, he respects him very much. After all, Manchester United lost to Barcelona twice in the Champions League, and Messi is known as the “peerless double” in contemporary football. Arrogant”. This time Messi is going to leave Barcelona. I really didn’t expect that although I lost to Bayern 2-8, I always think that Messi is half of Barcelona. Without Messi, Barcelona has no core value. It is said that Manchester United now also wants to bid for Messi. From a commercial point of view, the pursuit of Messi is very valuable to Manchester United. Manchester United has become the only giant in the world where Ronaldo and Messi have played. From a competitive perspective, Messi really may not be able to adapt to the Premier League, because Messi’s body is really not strong enough, but Manchester City are also interested, after all, it is the team coached by Guardiola. Speaking of now, Manchester United has not introduced a first-line player in this summer window. It seems that Chelsea has already spent more than 100 million. Although Jimmy does not ask for the championship next season, everyone is strengthening for the Champions League qualification and the Champions League. Under the circumstances, this summer window is really not a tree under the tree?

Two new actors will be added to the SP of “Tokyo Daydream Girl 2020” to be aired on October 7th. Matsushita Tohira will play the role of Asakura Riichi, the boyfriend of the heroine Renko Kamada, and the other Daichi Watanabe. Yamakawaka’s husband Hirazawaゆう

“Tokyo Daydream Girl” is based on the manga of the same name created by Akiko Higashimura. It was broadcast in 2017. This year, the SP “Tokyo Daydream Girl 2020” will be broadcast. The three main females, Kamada, are starred by Yoshitaka Yuriko, Yamakawa Ka by Eikura Nana, and Torii Koyuki by Oshima Yuko

Suzuki Rika, Pan Huimei, Hamabe Miami, Fukumoto Riko.

“Unexpected Love” is a girl manga by Sakisaka Io, which was adapted into an animated movie and a live-action movie this year. The live-action movie has been released on August 14th. Today, it is officially announced that the four actors who will appear in the live-action movie Hama Bian Meibo, Kitamura Takumi, Fukumoto Riko, and Akachu Weiji will all participate in the dubbing of the animated film, which will be released on September 18

Beicun Takumi, Chichu Weiji.

“Love Path Unexpected” tells that “Juri” and “Yuna” who meet by chance are completely different, “Riyo” and Yuna’s childhood sweetheart “Kazuo” live in the same flat and Shanghai. High school students in the same school. Yuna who yearns for Rio, Riyo who has unspeakable thoughts about Juri, Juri who holds a secret, and Kazuo who witnesses a secret, their thoughts are complicatedly intertwined with each other. The more they think about each other, the more they rub shoulders. Over-the sad love began

The spring song of the FSN Tianzhicui trilogy announced this evening that the box office has exceeded 1 billion yen since its release, which is one day earlier than the previous one’s 1 billion yen. The cumulative number of viewers exceeds 620,000 people. Now we are waiting for the announcement of when this third part will be introduced to China, and it seems that it will be the end of the year at least

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