The phrase “facing the sea, spring flowers blooming” is 30 years earlier than “Poetry and Distant”, although Jimmy lives in a city called Shanghai, in fact, he can’t see the sea usually, and the magic is not so-called The fishing port is at most a container terminal. After the announcement of the animation of “The Seawall Diary” after school, I paid more attention to such a work, school club + outdoor activities, which is also a popular theme in Japanese animation over the years. It belongs to “Xianxue”. Previously, mountain climbing and camping I went to Antarctica, and I did n’t know how to do this sea fishing. I finally watched the first episode today. It feels good to me, so I simply recommend this new program in April. After all, the new program that can be broadcast smoothly in April It belongs to the fate of Dafa

The protagonist, Hemu Yangzhu, is a high school girl who loves craftsmanship. He has just returned to his hometown from high school to study. I did n’t expect to participate in the school opening ceremony. Joined the society of the Haidi Department. I have to say that the sister of the president of Haidi is a high school girl with a deep routine

The so-called chance coincidence, President Heiyan Youxi is sorting the fishing line on the seawall, and meets Hemu Yangzhu who took the initiative to help. It happens that this girl quickly sorts out the mess, so Minister Heiyan pushes the boat to let the crane go Mu came to try fishing. As a result, he used a bait specifically for octopus fishing. So he used the hook to pull the thread and kept the octopus out of the water, which scared Hemu, and then the octopus fell on Hemu ’s calf. At this time, Hemu became a lamb to be slaughtered. Minister Heiyan let Hemu join the society at the cost of joining the sea embankment. In desperation, Hemu could only promise to sign the application for entry. Back at the club house, Heiyan immediately used the octopus to make a sashimi … Jimmy himself likes to eat wasabi octopus very much, almost every time I go to Japan, I must order it

Finally started the school. Hemu, who passed the magic, still felt that the sea embankment was too dangerous to suit him, so he made up his mind to push off the application, came to the club and met a sailor who did not know but knew himself. Gao Xiahai After a few greetings, I remembered that I was an elementary school boy in my elementary school. Afterwards, I met a tall, tall-breasted school sister Ono Shino. These two are also members of the Haidi Department. President Heiyan learned that, Hemu wanted to withdraw from the department, but he did not reluctantly, but requested to experience one since the came (drug dealers have a lot of free online game routines). After one experience, he found that fishing was still a very interesting thing, so the psychological defense line It was unloaded, and the acquaintances who knew each other were there, so they agreed to participate in the sea embankment department. So the first episode came to an end with Minister Heiyan successfully drawing the head and solving the problem of insufficient personnel

Xiaoyugang, without the hustle and bustle of the city, is in line with the “Facing the sea, blooming in the spring” at the beginning of our article. The content is light and fun plus the fun of fishing. Although it cannot be a new program of hegemony, it is a watch Doing it very comfortably, Jimmy personally feels worth recommending

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