Wuhan was finally unsealed. Although I have only been to Wuhan once and Acfun was still not in Wuhan while I was still in Wuhan, the closure of more than two months has also connected the hearts of all Chinese people with the people of Wuhan. The status quo after the event further illustrates the necessity and accuracy of the closure of the city, which is also recognized by overseas media. It is because of this time that Jimmy has also paid more attention to the reports of overseas media, and found that in fact many non-authoritative media, like many unscrupulous self-media on our side, will also compile news and report anxiety but not gratification. This and The Chinese media is just the opposite. In particular, some Taiwanese media have no brains, and they are very black. I feel that after the epidemic is over, China ’s diplomatic environment will face great challenges. In addition, the foreign economy has declined. The foreign trade challenge for our country is huge. Globalization is a good thing, but it also makes the epidemic spread quickly. Also have to carry it together

The TV animation “Union Air Force Aviation Music Team Brilliant Witch” to be aired in 2021 today announced a special PV. The setting of this animation always reminds me of the cultural troupe that has been abolished in our country

【Production team】
Original: Shimoda Fumino & Projekt World Witches.
Supervision, series composition: Zuobo Zhaozhi.
The original case of the character: Shimoda Wenjin.
Witch Series Literature and Art: Late Night at Murakami.
Music production: KADOKAWA.

[Voiceover Voice].
Virginia’s Robertson: Minghai Dance.
Shibuya Pray: Hosokawa Mi Nanako.
Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova: Model Ami.
Ella Pevicina Linama: Real Palace Cool.
Eleonor Giovanna Gason: Duyue Caifeng.

【Introduction to the Story】.
A unique aviation group that can bring a moment of tranquility and healing to people who fight against Nelloi and those who leave their homes all over the world-that is, their “Allied Air Force Aviation Magic Music Team Brilliant Witch”. The air regiment is completely opposite to the united combat aviation regiment witch who guards everyone in battle. As the “non-combat witch”, they protect their smiles with “song and music”!

Between the current epidemic in the world, the Japanese full-length animation “One Piece” has produced a short film, let everyone wash their hands diligently, ensure sleep, and overcome the epidemic

The author of the comic “Volleyball Boy” Gu Guan Chunyi posted a hand washing picture of people on Twitter to remind everyone to wash their hands during the epidemic.

An animated film based on Shimura Takako’s comic “Happy Go Lucky Days” is announced today due to the epidemic. The animation film will be released on May 8th

Obviously dissatisfied with the results

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