Jimmy has communicated and interviewed with Ms. Ikezawa Miao from Bandai Namco China several times. The interviews during ChinaJoy every year have become a fixed time for communication every year. This year 2020 is a very special year. The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused tremendous changes in our lives, work and entertainment. This is also a huge challenge for Bandai Namco China. In addition, one year has passed since the original IP “Dark World Divine Envoy” incubated by Bandai Namco China in China last year after CJ announced the animation. What progress is there now? Let’s take a look at the answer Ms. Ikezawa Nae gave us

1. This year’s epidemic is a big environmental change, I would like to ask Ms. Chizawa Miao, what impact has this mutation brought to this year’s Bandai Namco (Shanghai) interactive entertainment and what opportunities have it brought? ?

The sudden change of the epidemic will make more young people choose home life, which naturally brings more opportunities for people in the fields of games or online film and television entertainment, and more people will start to contact games at home Or film and television works
Affected by the epidemic, offline physical entertainment and IP peripheral sales will be affected, but it also brings opportunities for online shopping. We also deployed the Bandai Namco Entertainment Tmall flagship store at the end of the previous year
The new crown epidemic has indeed changed people’s lives. The cloud economy has begun to stimulate market demand, and all walks of life have set foot in “online”. According to data released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the epidemic, the number of users of new business formats such as “cloud entertainment”, “cloud live broadcast”, and “cloud viewing exhibition” increased
Many of the original plans of our Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Interactive Entertainment have been transferred online, such as the “Gundam China Project” online press conference held in mid-July, which allows more Gundam fans to learn directly The release of Gundam Statue and other shocking news also conveyed the charm of Bandai Namco products to more people
In addition, the Ace Pilot Challenge of the mobile game “Gundam Battle” will be held for the first time this year in the form of a bounty system, and will be presented to everyone in the form of a combination of online and offline

2. In the second half of this year, what specific measures will Bandai Namco’s IP Axis strategy take to deepen the Chinese market (such as strategic cooperation with well-known domestic brands, well-known domestic film and television companies, and toy companies)?

On the premise of adhering to the strategy of cultivating the IP axis, we are intensively discussing cooperation with large leading real estate developers, and projects strongly supported by the government are also planned. We are also considering multilateral cross-border cooperation with leading companies in various industries in China to combine the areas of film and television, games, toys, facilities and catering developed by Bandai Namco with IP as the axis to jointly create a next-generation closed-loop experience and further Realize online and offline integration, to provide users with a refreshing IP pan-entertainment experience

3. Is there any new news on the original IP “Dark World Divine Envoy”. After the animation was announced last year, I especially want to know when the animation will be confirmed to be broadcast?

At present, the cartoon has entered the late stage of production, and has passed the approval of relevant departments. As the first local IP incubated by Bandai Namco (Shanghai) interactive entertainment, we attach great importance to it and are very cautious. Distribution, promotion and a series of subsequent commercialization plans. We will choose the best time to launch the cartoon, and cooperate with various commercial content to satisfy the fans who have been following and loving “Dark World Divine Envoy” for a long time

4. Can you introduce the highlights of CHINAJOY this year? Which stage session are you most looking forward to?

First of all, this year coincides with the 40th anniversary of the well-known IP “Pac-Man”. We also used the elements of “Pac-Man” in the booth design, using classic retro pixel styles to match the wonderful IP content of Bandai Namco. Let everyone experience the colorful “Entertainment Factory”

In our booth area, 2 new mobile games “Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace” and “Digimon: New Century” will be unveiled. “Idol Master” will also appear on the Bandai Namco booth for the first time, leading everyone to review the exciting content of the 15th anniversary
On the special stage of “Naruto Ninja Mobile Games” in the stage area, Wang Xiaojia and Zhang Yuxin from the SNH48 group will also perform on stage and engage in interactive games. In addition, this Chinajoy Bandai Namco will bring you a special performance of the virtual singer V-Singer Mirai Ming for the first time. The virtual idol will interact with the audience and perform songs

5. It is reported that many overseas manufacturers have faded out of CHINAJOY this year. Bandai Namco still insists on large-scale exhibitions. What is the reason behind this?

First of all, Bandai Namco has continued to support the Chinese government and the development of the Chinese game and entertainment industry since entering the Chinese market. Our goal is to provide Chinese users with high-quality product content and experience. Since we are rooted in China, we naturally need to fully let users know, know and love our brands and products online and offline. As the epidemic spreads to the world and many foreign exhibitions are closed offline, CHINAJOY, as a global large-scale game exhibition held every year, has taken adequate precautions. Holding it as scheduled has also given us great confidence, and we will do our best. Provides the best display and best experience to the users who will be present this year

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