Not long ago, the Himalaya APP launched a package sale of several VIP services. I couldn’t help but buy it. Himalaya is really my first choice in listening to books. Jimmy highly recommends the “Three-Body” boutique radio series they invited 792 studios to produce. I myself have listened to other reading versions before, but this version is the best, although it is not 100% full of “Three-Body”. But overall the main storyline is still well preserved, that is, the update is relatively busy

Produced by Science SARU and supervised by Yuasa Masaaki, the Japanese TV anime “Japan Sinking 2020” has 10 episodes, and has been broadcast on NETFLIX for the first time, in order to make the best use of it. This time, a total of 10 episodes will be edited and edited into a theater version which will be released on November 13

I didn’t know the ICE-WATCH brand before, but after seeing the collaboration with EVANGELION today, I realized that it was a watch similar to SWATCH positioned for young people. We just talked about the cooperation between Garmin Sports Watch and EVANGELION two days ago. This time, in order to cooperate with the final chapter of the Evangelion new theater version, various commercial cooperation is really a lot! This cooperation is based on the five pilots and the body of the show. A total of five models are launched, priced at 17,600 yen. Reservations will start at 23:00 on September 13 and will be released in January 2021

The packaging is not bad, but I think the table is average.

The first machine Ikari Shinji.

Zero number machine Ayanami.

The second unit Asuka.


True Hippo Marie.

Shueisha Women’s Manga MEE will serialize the popular manga “サレタガワのブルー” and make it into a dynamic comic, please invite Hanazawa Coriander, Saito Shouma and Toriumi Kosuke will be voiced. The story tells the story of the male lead Tagawa Chang (CV: Saito Shuangma) and his ideal wife Lanzi (CV: Hanazawa coriander) living a seemingly happy life, but Tian Chuan, who planned to continue loving with his wife, found out My wife cheated, and was not upset by his wife’s cheating. Also participating in the dubbing are Toriumi Kosuke and Numakura Aimi

US President Reagan who ended the Cold War.

The game “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” was banned in China because of a frame in the trailer. You can experience it on the PLAYSTATION platform on November 13

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