The grandmother who had n’t seen her in the past two days came as a guest. The epidemic has not seen her for a long time. The grandmother is also the only living elder in the family. The grandmother has mild Alzheimer’s disease, and she has a particularly bad memory for a short time, and everyone in her family knows it. Imagine those families with more severe Alzheimer’s disease. Today I ate Taco Bell, a rare Mexican-themed fast-food restaurant under Pepsi Group. The taste is not bad, but it is expensive. I eat more than 50 casually by myself, but this store is rare in China. It’s not as much as KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King, so I want to taste it when I see it

Keiko, the former member of the Japanese girl group Kalafina, officially disbanded in March last year, announced that she will resume activities in the name of KEIKO

KEIKO will release an album on avex trax this fall, and the songs “Life of Life” and “Be Yourself” from the album that will be delivered first in May. KEIKO said that from now on, he will cherish Kalafina’s music. This mood will not change. In order to further improve, I hope to bring new music as a solo to people who know me and who I don’t know

I used to talk about “The Beast Mother Zoo” always entangled with the supervision and production committee. In fact, I have always ignored the credit of the teacher Yoshizaki Guanyin as the original man. In fact, you can play for a lifetime, but in addition to comics, he is also a character designer. “Beast Mother Zoo” Noriyoshi Yoshizaki Guanyin also has a credit. This time, in order to protect the wild Japanese macaques living in Pousaki, Izu-cho, Shizuoka South, we held a crowdfunding event and asked Mr. Yoshizaki Kannon to draw a promotional picture. The plan for this crowdfunding is to raise 10 million yen to rebuild the Bosakizaki Garden, which was closed for business. The site was opened in 1975 as a place where wild Japanese macaques and humans come into close contact

These are the surrounding areas that can be obtained by participating in crowdfunding.

“My youth love story really has a problem. “End” has been postponed, but the business cooperation plan has not changed. April 16th is the birthday of the important character in the play, Ishiba (Ishiba). This time, we officially cooperated with the Coca-Cola Company of Japan to serialize the original story of the ferry on the official website of the drinking water I LOHAS launched by the Coca-Cola Company of Japan. This plan # is busy lately. For the topic, please invite people from various fields to tell. This time, the ferry teacher told the original stories of Ilubo and Hachiman

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