Reappearanceof the case: Is the well-known reasoning novelist dying at home, is this a long-term plot or an impulse? Kogoro turned out to be a suspect? ! What clues are hidden in the clues left at the scene? Introduced in the original Japanese version, the ultra-popular immersive experience exhibition “Detective Conan Science Discovery Exhibition” is officially launched today! Conan, A Shi and Xiao Lan will help you explore the truth together and find out the real fierce!

【Introduction to the Exhibition】.

The story of “Detective Conan” has been serialized for more than 20 years. Whether it is a comic, anime, or a theater version, it has been sought after and loved by fans at home and abroad

In this “Detective Conan Science Discovery Exhibition”, the location is specially selected in the Shanghai Aegean Shopping Park, implementing the concept of “scientific exploration”, for the big and small friends who like “Detective Conan”, or those who like reasoning, Carefully prepared an immersive scientific exploration experience. Let each participant experience the fun of investigating the scene of the investigation, identifying and integrating evidence, and finally solving puzzles. The exhibition has been touring in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagasaki, Oita, Miyazaki, Taiwan, China. This time, it is also the first time to land in mainland China!

【Summary of the case】.

The reasoning novel with the detective Mao Lixiaowulang as the main character is about to be published, while the author of the reasoning novel responsible for the writing was found to be killed at home, and the death time is presumed to be two o’clock in the afternoon. Through the handwritten “14:00 Mr. Maori Kogoro” written on the desk calendar of the writer’s home, the police listed Maori Kogoro as an important suspect in the case and launched an investigation … Looking at the helpless Xiaolan, Conan stepped up again; and Worried that Master ’s A Shitou also participated in … You also come to help Conan together to clear the suspicion for Maori Kogoro!

[“Assistance” process].

Every detective who comes to the war can pick up a pair of Conan glasses at the entrance with a ticket. Put it on, “convert” into Conan and start investigating!

Before the investigation begins, every detective needs to choose whether to be a group with Conan & amp; Anshi, or a group with Conan & amp; Xiaolan, and then receive the corresponding detective manual to start an investigation together! Depending on the partner, the content of the experience will be different!

This exhibition also introduces the Chinese version of the original “Special Voice” voice commentary (fees not included) provided during the Japan tour. Bring it, you can listen to Conan’s voice prompts while investigating deeply, and you can feel the special experience of investigating the case side by side with Conan and other friends!

The exhibition area is divided into the “on-site evidence collection area” for collecting evidence, the “clue listening area” for finding clues, and the “scientific experiment area” for scientific identification of evidence

Detectives can use the scientific evidence to identify the true evidence of the case

On-site forensics area.

The crime scene KEEP OUT! The clues have been collected. Observe the crime scene carefully, and often small discoveries will become the key evidence to open the mystery!

Clue listening area.

Are there any clues in the Maori Detective Office and Polo Cafe? Do the little friends you meet along the road know anything? Come gather intelligence!

Scientific Experimental Zone.

Verify the power of science! Using scientific instruments to analyze the clues collected at the scene, you will find that any clues cannot escape the rigorous scientific identification!

Careful, have you discovered the truth? !

Go and get a small gift limited to the event, treat yourself! (Small gifts are kept secret ^^ Waiting for the detectives to unlock themselves ~).

Immersive interactive reasoning, immersive practical experience, the fun of scientific investigation is in it!

★ Please do not expose the relevant content of the case to the detectives involved ~~ in case of spoilers!

[Wonderful content for the Prophet].

This exhibition is not only a true reproduction of the scene of “Detective Conan”, but also a special statue of Conan and A Shitou to meet you for the first time!

In the exhibition hall, a hand-painted original painting exhibition area by Mr. Aoyama Gangchang is also added, everyone who is waiting for it, come to unlock the new content and take a photo!

In addition, we have prepared a takeaway dining area for everyone, you can taste the theme snacks limited by this exhibition!

Drinks are cute! Guess what other meals we have? ! Do n’t tell you ~ come and see for yourself!

In the themed merchandise sales area, there are not only domestically-restricted products, but also products imported from Japan for your choice! In addition, other limited merchandise will be added to the exhibition during the exhibition to accompany you through the happy festival!

★ For more exciting content of the exhibition, please pay attention to the official Weibo “Detective Conan China Official Weibo” and the official WeChat “Detective Conan DetectiveConan” for information updates!

【Exhibition Information】.

Exhibition Date: December 14, 2019-February 15, 2020 Location: Aegean Shopping Park, 3rd Floor Exhibition Time: 10: 30-21: 30 (Last entry at 21:00) This exhibition is closed Day: January 24, 2020-January 25, 2020.

[Ticket Information].

Early bird ticket: 78 yuan (2019.11.25 ~ 2019.12.1) Full ticket: 88 yuan (2019.12.2 ~ 2020.2.15) Ticket sales channels: Cat’s Eye, Guevara, Dianping, Meituan etc

Description: Online ticket sales will be stopped at 12 noon on February 15, 2020, and can be purchased on site.

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