In life, the blackboard newspaper is a very common way of propaganda in the school. Every time a festival or an activity is carried out, students often write various kinds of texts on the blackboard or draw various kinds of pictures. The pattern, and we can also see the various anime characters painted by the students on the blackboard. Today, I am going to give everyone a hard time to compare the blackboard newspapers of Chinese and Japanese students. What is the strong blackboard technology?

1. Japanese Blackboard News – Ace.

Have to say that Japanese students’ painting skills are really strong, just like the above-mentioned “One Piece” character Ace’s blackboard newspaper, basically can be said to restore the picture in the comics, even the character’s dialog box They are all the same

2. Japanese Blackboard News – Strange Pirates Kidd.

怪怪基德 is also a very popular anime character, especially after the guest appearance in “Detective Conan”. The above-mentioned blame thief’s blackboard newspaper is also very beautiful, and the character image is also very vivid. People like me who can’t draw can only worship after seeing this strange thief Kidd

3. Japanese Blackboard – “Your Name”.

The above two blackboard newspapers were produced by a class in Japan to celebrate the admission of freshmen. The theme is the Japanese anime “Your Name”. The image of the blackboard and the three leaves is also very similar, and the overall feeling is very comfortable. After reading this blackboard, I think that Japanese students are all comics masters

4. Japanese Blackboard News – “Naruto Ninja”.

The theme of the last Japanese Blackboard newspaper is “Naruto Ninja”. The above picture is a symbolic picture of Naruto. After the reincarnation of Uchiha, the Uchiha 鼬 靠 转 靠 靠He said the phrase “I have always loved you no matter what path you choose.” The second is the silhouette of Naruto and Sasuke, the two main characters of Naruto

5. China Blackboard – “One Piece”.

Of course, comic masters are not only in Japan, but also in China. For example, the above-mentioned “One Piece” blackboard newspaper, which includes nine members of the straw hat pirate group, each painting is lifelike, painting The level of painting is also very high

6. China Blackboard News – “Magic Dao”.

Next, this blackboard newspaper is the domestic anime “Magic Dao” of last year’s fire. This work can be said to be a typical Chinese style work, whether it is picture or dubbing or character shape, it is original. Chinese ancient style. Of course, the characters inside are also very handsome, and the popularity on the Internet is also very high

7. China Blackboard News – Yu Wei Mei Qin.

The character of the above-mentioned blackboard newspaper is the character of the anime work “Super-electromagnetic cannon of a science”, which is still very good, and the manners and movements are all restored

8. China Blackboard – Goddess of the Moon.

The last character of this blackboard is not the character in the anime, but the skin of the character Moon Goddess in the game League of Legends. The reason why I sent this blackboard newspaper is that the painting is drawing too well. This is the legendary “blackboard newspaper of others”

After reading the anime blackboard newspapers created by the students of China and Japan, which country’s blackboard newspaper is better? Feel free to post your opinion in the comments section below. If you like this article, don’t forget to like, collect, share and support me. Your support is my motivation

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