With the rise of the Internet in Japan, Japanese animation has become a manifestation of Japan’s national soft power, but the poor animation production environment in Japan is also obvious to all. The well-known production company even went to the “blackhearted enterprise” because of salary arrears and excessive overtime List, and cases of sudden death also occur from time to time. This phenomenon seems to be mentioned but has not improved. Now that the capital of the United States and China has become interested in Japanese animation production capabilities, and constantly recruiting Japanese animators to join companies in China or the United States, can such external factors reverse the working environment and salary level of the Japanese animation production industry? Improvement? Nikkei published an article to discuss it

In this article, two representative companies are selected, one is the California animation company. Tonko House. , the other is. Color pencil anime in Chongqing, China. (“Mr. China Marvel”, “Lu Shi”, “Bun Diary”) branch in Japan

Tonko House ’s general manager Zen told Nikkei “In the United States, top creators earn a lot of money, which is also the driving force that makes everyone a top creator. I hope that the younger generation in Japan can also feel the value of their works. “Tonko House is currently a three-person team and hopes to expand the number of employees by an order of magnitude during the year, and the average salary is also higher than the industry level. In addition, it does not need to work overtime often, and can get sufficient rest

The Japanese branch of colored pencil anime also recruits many Japanese animation talents in Japan. CEO Eiji Eguchi said that more and more talented creators in Japan are working on original projects of Netflix and Amazon. He expressed his hope to cultivate more talents in Japan so that Japanese creators support the growing Chinese market. He plans to increase the company’s employees from 10 to 15 in May

Colored pencil anime Japan branch currently wants professional training school graduates to pay a monthly salary of 173,000 yen, in addition to housing and travel expenses. Fukuji Eguchi said that this is regarded as the “average upper” wage level in the Japanese industry. According to a survey by JAniCA (Japan Animation Creator Association), 54.7% of animators’ annual income in 2017 was less than 4 million yen (about 260,000 yuan)

Previously, Netflix announced that it will cooperate with June ’s top Japanese creators to expand Netflix ’s animation product line. In the Nikkei article, it said that Netflix has led a new direction, just like the well-known in Japanese history. The “Black Ship Incident” opened the opportunity for Japan to begin to move towards a modern country

NETFLIX ’s user growth has exceeded analysts ’expectations by more than double the growth of 15 million new paid subscriptions due to the epidemic. Of course, this is also the right time. Because the outbreak in the United States and Europe is too rapid, people at stayhome Become a major army of supplements. However, the service of HBO MAX is about to go online in May, which gives Netflix another opponent like Disney +

Foreign capital will of course improve the production environment of the Japanese animation industry, but it will take time to change completely. I am afraid that it will take time and involve too many scopes, especially the production committee system allows animation production without much bargaining power, only Can make animation production company “go live.”

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