Thank you for a typhoon that made my room’s empty space officially rested today. In August, except for going out, as long as it’s at home, it’s empty. The two recent typhoons brought the weather back. Withered days. Today, I will not talk about Manchester United, but about the two teams in Jimmy’s city, SIPG and Shenhua. This year’s Chinese Super League system is also quite special, but the game is always played by strength. To be honest, SIPG played better than I expected. Anautovic has been integrated into the team, Oscars continue to highlight, and domestic players have performed well. Recently, they have returned to the market and have eaten an affordable Australian international. Shenhua is a bit troublesome, especially when it comes to foreign aid. Shalawi feels like Tevez is unable to work hard and wants to leave. Then Jin Xinyu, a high center forward, was unfortunately injured. Captain Moreno is not in good shape, and as a result, his record is not good. , But I still feel that I must continue to support the head coach. Shenhua has been intermittently in the team’s rhythm due to constant changes in coaches in the past few years. The introduction of foreign and domestic players is not consistent. In fact, Shenhua’s accounting strength is also It is the middle and upper reaches of the Chinese Super League, but Shenhua fans always think that Shenhua is competing for the championship, and the club has been strayed by the fans. I think Shenhua will have to rebuild for two or three seasons before it can return to the championship. You see now Shenhua 30 + Players, and the feeling of Evergrande’s second team, sometimes I don’t understand why some Shenhua fans feel so good

Since PPAP became popular, PIKO Taro has become an uncle singer of the Japanese national internet celebrity level. This year Pokemon even fell in love with PIKO Taro, and the company’s first cute pet Pikachu was dispatched to perform a MV called “PIKA to PIKO” with PIKO Taro. Pikachu even wore clothes similar to PIKO Taro’s style. This collaboration is not awkward at all, quite natural, and seamless. I personally feel that this cooperation is definitely a win-win. In the summer of the first two years, Pikachu has been a proliferation of outdoor activities, this year because of the epidemic did not continue, it is estimated that this is also a reason for this cooperation

“Jurassic World” spin-off animation “Jurassic World: Chalk Adventure Camp” released a trailer, the story tells the story of six teenagers encountered dinosaurs while participating in an adventure camp on the other side of Nubra Island, They must work together to survive. Netflix will start at 3 pm on September 18th

The second season of “Maid Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” will be broadcast next year. In order to cater to the trend of everyone wearing masks to prevent the epidemic, the Twitter avatars of four dragon characters have been launched for everyone to use for free

Meiji Almond Chocolate and “Mobile Suit Gundam” launched a promotional event. Purchase two or more designated chocolates during the event period to participate in the lottery. The event ends at 15:00 on December 29th, and the official will provide 2,400 HGUC 1/144 MSN-02 Meiji Almond Chocolate. Ver.

Can also be bought in China, but there is no similar activity and there are not many varieties

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