Supervisor Tomino has the title of Father of Gundam. Although his creation is not as vigorous as in the past, his thinking about literary works has become more and more profound, especially his views on human peace and war. On August 15th, Yoshiyuki Tomino was invited to do a VJ Day (the day Japan surrendered in World War II, but the commemoration date varies from country to country, but August 15 was the day when Emperor Hirohito published the Edict of the End) 75th anniversary Interview. In the interview, he talked about the current appearance of ship mothers and tanks in entertainment products, and this model is not conducive to young people’s view of war

Fleet Collection.

Tomino Yoshiyuki said, “In the animation world, such as “Girls and Tanks” and “Fleet Collection” are already famous works. These are still acceptable as part of entertainment, but I am still worried that this is really good Well. For our generation, war should not be expressed in this way”, it makes me very uncomfortable

Tomino Yoshiyuki praised the animated film “In this corner of the world” directed by Nao Kabuchi (the film was also screened at the Shanghai Film Festival not long ago). He felt that this film was a rare demonstration of the conflict of the Japanese people’s serious war. , And how the Japanese army changed the lives of the Japanese people during World War II. He himself has not discovered other such works

Tomino Yoshiyuki said that the story of World War II will be mentioned every August, but Japan now only mentions the victims who have experienced the war, but avoids talking about reality, and does not discuss the existence of the Self-Defense Forces..

Tomino Yoshiyuki also emphasized that Japan does not want to see war again. Instead, the more pressing issues are environmental issues, such as energy, food, clean water and plastic pollution. He also doubted whether the Self-Defense Forces had time to really build a space combat force

In the end, Tomino Yoshiyuki mentioned that work is “cool” for the military. He believes that there is nothing cool about it. War can never happen, but unfortunately because of the delusions of those who yearn for war, we can never get rid of war. Tomino also said that there will be no war elements in his next work, but “Space Battleship Yamato 2205” will still come out, although I don’t know what the work will look like

Tomino Yoshiyuki was born in 1941 as a creator born in World War II. Obviously, he has experienced war, and he has a deeper reflection and view on war than those of us who live in peace times. So Jimmy can also understand that Tomino Yoshiyuki’s views on “Girls and Tanks” and “Fleet Collection”, people who have experienced wars and even nuclear bomb attacks, have more sad memories of weapons and troops. In fact, almost all Japanese supervisors of the older generation were anti-war pioneers, such as supervisor Miyazaki

Finally, I also want to say, I hope that I can live in a peaceful age in my life. After all, there is an old saying that “I would rather be a peaceful dog than be chaotic

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