This season is the first time the Premier League has a winter break. Although it is a bit late, I wonder how this winter break has experienced the Premier League teams? Manchester City must have been in a bad mood anyway recently. In fact, I am afraid that UEFA ’s whip is raised high and then gently lowered. I myself think that at least one season of the Champions League will be suspended! Otherwise, there must be no sense of punishment, after all, Manchester City is not bad. Today, I will start to watch NETFLIX’s one-day Spanish play “Paper House”. I’m used to English and Japanese works. It’s always unfamiliar to read Spanish works because I don’t understand them at all

The sixth volume of the “One-Punch Man 2” DVD that will be released on March 27th, the content of OVA’s sixth episode “Zombie Man Murder 2” released a two-minute video of the heads up, and the official also announced the sixth Audition of volume SPCD

The animated movie “Speech Emerges Like Soda” that was released on May 15 announced today that Kikuko Inoue will voice the story for Nakayama つ ば き Voiceover, the animation The movie is a commemorative work of the 10th anniversary of the well-known animation music label Flying Dog. The animation tells the story of the haiku boy Cherry, who is not good at communicating with people, and the smile of a girl wearing a mask to hide her inferiority, and shortens the distance between each other through language and music

Special Speech Video of “Speech Emerges Like Soda”.

【Production team】
Original: flying DOG.
Supervision: Shihei Gongping.
Script: Sato University.
Character Design: Ai Jing Yu Kiko.
Music: Niuwei Xianfu.
Animation production: SIGNAL.MD, Sublimation.
Distribution: Pine Bamboo.
Production: “Speech Emerges Like Soda” Production Committee.

【Production team】
Original: フ ラ イ ン グ ド ッ グ.
Supervision: イ シ グ ロ キ ョ ウ ヘ イ.
Script: Sato University.
キ ャ ラ ク タ ー デ ザ イ ン : 爱敬 由 纪 子.
Sounds: Niuwei Xianfu.
ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン Production: シ グ ナ ル ・ エ ム デ ィ × サ ブ リ メ イ シ ョ ン
Distribution: Pine Bamboo.
Production: サ イ ダ ー の よ う に 言葉 が 浪 き 上 が る Production Committee.

[Voiceover Voice].
チ ェ リ ー : Ichikawa Rangoro.
ス マ イ ル : 杉 咲 花.
フ ジ ヤ マ : 山寺 宏 一.
ビ ー バ ー : 潘 め ぐ み.
ジ ャ パ ン : Huajiang Xiashu.
タ フ ボ ー イ : Umehara Yuichiro.
ジ ュ リ : Nakajima Love.
マ リ : Zhuxing す み れ.
Fujiyama つ ば き : Inoue Kikuko.

To tell you the truth, I have a little messed with the order of the series of “Psychometrics”. As a late-night animation, “PSYCHO-PASS” has developed into so many works. SF animation, many of which are still in line with the current trend of human technology development. Fighting criminals will increasingly rely on the help of big data and AI, but human psychology is still particularly complicated, and big data and AI may not necessarily solve it. The theater version of the animation “PSYCHO-PASS Psychometrics 3 FIRST INSPECTOR” is a sequel to the TV animation “PSYCHO-PASS Psychometrics 3”, produced by Production I.G, and will be released for two weeks from March 27, 2020. The story will revolve around the surveillance officer Cao Guihuo Jiong. The incidents caused by the “fox” that the criminal department has been pursuing continue to escalate, and the battle between Zhuohe Jiong will usher in the end

“007: No Time to Die” is the 25th part of the 007 series, directed by Kerry Fuyong, Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Naomi Harris, Leia Saidu, Ben Weston and other movies starring. The film will be released in the UK on April 3, 2020; it will be released in North America on April 8. Bond retired in Jamaica for a quiet period, and then the CIA ’s old friend Felix Leiter came to ask for help. The task was to rescue a kidnapped scientist, but the actual situation was much more dangerous than expected. A mysterious villain equipped with dangerous new technology

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