I feel that 2020 is the fastest year, and it will be April in a blink of an eye. This is like flying. It may be that the epidemic has also accelerated my psychological reasons, making me feel that time is flying fast. The epidemic in Europe is continuing to ferment, and the Japanese feeling next door is about to erupt. The well-known Japanese comedian Shimura Ken passed away. Today, a special feature film was released. The 17-year-old male character, Miyako Komiya, confirmed that he was infected with new coronary pneumonia. The Japanese playwright Kojiro Miyato, who I personally like very much, also confirmed that he was infected with new coronary pneumonia, and so many cases suddenly appeared and they were all public figures. Anyway, the Olympic Games have been postponed, so concentrate on the epidemic! The outbreak of this global epidemic also allowed us to experience the fragility of the human world. Although this virus is not as scary as many horror movies, it is a disease in the real world, and all countries are trying their best to suppress the virus to this. It ’s a lot, but more or less every country is very embarrassed, because you can n’t act or preview it in such a thing. There are many shortcomings. Today, I also confirmed that the college entrance examination will be postponed for a month, and Hubei and Beijing have to be re-determined. It can be seen that the impact of this epidemic on our lives, as well as the original closure of Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, now in the United States Disneyland is also closed. Disneyland all over the world is closed. The cinema in Modu should have been reopened last week, but it was still closed

“Indestructible You” is based on the comic of the same name from Dajin Liangshi and will be broadcast in October 2020. The story tells that immortality was originally a “ball” that someone dropped on this land. He has the “ability to change into a posture that is extremely stimulated” and “the ability to recover from being reinstated by fatal injury.” “. Although immortality constantly changes his posture, from small stones to wolves to teenagers, he still knows nothing like a baby. Gradually, Undead learned the way of survival from the people it met, knew the warm emotions, and became more and more like human beings. Fighting fiercely with the fatal enemy and knockers, and parting with the lives and deaths of those who value … The immortal suffers from these hardships, but also chooses his own way of survival and embarks on an eternal journey

【Production team】
Supervision: む ら た 雅 彦.
Series Composition: Fujita Shinzo.
Character setting: Yasushi Yasuhiro.
Animation: Brain ’s Base.
Production: NHK エ ン タ ー プ ラ イ ズ.

Posted a wedding photo of the wedding held in February on Mimori Suzuko’s recent blog, thanks to the wedding planner. On April 12, 2019, Mimori Suzuko announced that he was married to Harada Okada, a professional wrestler from Bushido

POKKA SAPPORO’s soft drink lemonade invites women from various industries to participate in the shooting of online advertising, including female voice Yukii Fujii who participated in the shooting

The travel information magazine “ じ ゃ ら ん “, which was launched in 1990, produced a video to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the 30th anniversary of its establishment. Qi Cai served as a high school girl Xue, because she quarreled with her parents and came to Tokyo alone (similar to “The Son of the Weather”) met a college boy, so the two played together in Tokyo. The insert in the video is “Stream れ 星 の 正 体” performed by BUMP OF CHICKEN

Cat who is playing with himself …

The shit officer working at home is constantly being harassed by his own cat

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