Although I admit that Manchester United vs. Sevilla I don’t have a bottom line, but yesterday’s game performance was pretty good, but I lost a place where the opponent shouldn’t be scored. To be honest, I turned off the iPad and went to sleep in the last five minutes. Up. At the beginning of the second half, Manchester United had already begun to besie Savilia, but during this time, if the opponent’s goalkeeper was superb, Manchester United did not score a goal. Lindlov and Wan Bissaka were responsible for this goal, and we rarely saw it. B Fei and Lindlov quarreled because of this goal. There is another mystery in this game. So Shuai did not adjust in time after falling behind. Rashford was not in good shape. Fred performed well, but he needed fresh blood. As a result, it took more than 80 minutes to change. It’s too late. After this game Manchester United also officially completed all the campaigns this season. Sure enough, Manchester United needs to solve more problems in the backcourt than in the frontcourt. A good central defender may be more important than Sancho

TV animation “<Hypnosis Microphone -Division Rap Battle-> Rhyme Anima” is adapted from the male voice actress Rap project “Hypnosis Microphone -Division Rap Battle-”

[Animation production].
Original, music production: EVIL LINE RECORDS.
Supervision: Ono Katsumi.
Chief screenwriter: Nobuyoshi Yoshida.
Character design: Shimi Nako.
Animation production: A-1 Pictures.
Production: “Hypnosis Microphone -Division Rap Battle-” Rhyme Anima Production Committee.

【Dubbing Voice Actor】.
Yamada Ichiro: Kimura Subaru.
Yamada Jiro: Ishitani Haruki.
Yamada Saburo: Amazaki Kyouhei.
Bi coffin left horse carved: Asanuma Shintaro.
Entering the Gun Rabbit: Komata Air.
Poison Island Mason Rio: Kamio Shinichiro.
Yecun Random Number: Shirai Yusuke.
Yumeno Gentaro: Saito Zhuangma.
Yusugawa Emperor: Nozuyama Yukihiro.
Shrine Temple Jirai: Hayami Award.
Yi Yan Ran one two three: Kijima Ryuichi.
Guanyinzaka alone: ​​Ito Kento.

Previously, “Theatrical Edition I Am Big Brother” has won the box office championship for three consecutive weeks. Today, it is officially announced that between July 17 and today 31, the live-action movie has won a total of 4 billion at the box office. Yen, the number of viewers exceeded 3.2 million, which is also the highest-grossing movie in Japan

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